Morning classes (Green, Blue and Yellow) run from 9:15-11:45 a.m.

2 Year Olds :: The Green Class

This class is specifically planned for the child who turns 2 by September 1. Children are placed according to their birth dates. Those who turn 3 in the fall meet on T/Th. Those with birthdays in late winter and spring meet on M/W.

The Green Room is bright and the teachers are loving. We explore color and shapes through books, blocks, art projects, easel painting, play dough and the sensory table. There are lots of dress ups, dolls, cars, trucks and animals for pretend play. We have a small nature table and a beloved classroom pet that the children enjoy observing.

Our goal for this age group is an easy separation from home and increased independence and confidence. Social interactions and physical and emotional independence are the basis of our curriculum at this age. Children do not need to be toilet trained for this class.

3 Year Olds :: The Blue Class

If your child is 3 by September 1, you may choose to enroll them in the Blue Class. This class is a welcoming atmosphere for both newcomers and seasoned nursery school veterans. Parents may choose the number of days their child attends.

The activities, equipment and play stations in the Blue Class provide an environment for your child to learn and grow in a safe, comfortable classroom. Socialization and learning to separate from parents and care-givers are important components of the three year old curriculum. As the year progresses, the Blue Class teachers work with children individually to maximize their learning experience.

In the Blue Class, children will find manipulatives of many sizes and shapes, a water table, an art area, and an imaginative play area, all designed for creative learning through play. In addition, there is daily large group and story time. Weekly music and gym enrichment with our specialists is also part of the curriculum.

4-5 Year Olds :: The Yellow Class

The Yellow Class is for children who are 4 by September 1, and will be moving on to Kindergarten the following year. Parents may choose the number of days their child attends. The room has a varied selection of learning areas, including a fantasy corner, climbing gym, blocks of many sizes, science table, tool bench, puzzle and game table, manipulatives and, of course, art and creative expression.

We nurture reading readiness with letter recognition and environmental signage games, taking story dictation and acting out the children’s stories, playing memory games, and making and following simple maps, all help to make connections to the printed word.

Play becomes more sophisticated, with activities such as building with real tools (under careful supervision), cooking activities of various kinds, as well as elaborate pretend scenarios.

Each child has a greater role in the classroom, as they present the date, weather, or show and tell of the day. These are confidence builders, as well as learning tools. Cooperation and imagination are nurtured and reinforced through games, plays, song and art. Music is a strong component of each day. Weekly time with our gym and music specialists are also included. Social skills such as teamwork, helping others, self-control and conflict resolution continue to be learned.

3-5 Year Olds :: We hope to host this mixed age class in the future

The afternoon class  is a mixed age group of 3 – 5 year-olds. Some children are just naturally late risers and are simply happier not being hustled in the morning.

This Classroom has a great variety of play stations for the children to explore: a fantasy corner, blocks, games, a climbing gym, a science table, a water table and more.

The curriculum introduces age appropriate concepts such as name and letter recognition, traffic safety, beginning science concepts and early civics lessons. Children have jobs on a daily basis, for example, feeding the class pet, being line leader, or passing napkins at snack time. Music, art, dramatic play and movement are an important part of every day. Social skills such as cooperation, teamwork, problem solving and conflict resolution are an important part of the Red Class curriculum. Your child will discover his or her natural talents and aptitudes in this caring, structured environment.

The afternoon class has traditionally been a smaller, mixed age group of 3 – 5 year olds. This fosters an atmosphere of learning between the age groups and a sense of family within the classroom. Building a community of cooperative and kind learners is our goal. Children in their last year of preschool will leave the Red Class prepared for elementary school and ready to begin Kindergarten in the fall.